Why the Greatest movements can emerge from the simplest of ideas and moments

The greatest movements emerge from the simplest of ideas and moments. These ideas are a timeless moment of real genius, often sweeping through us in a flash. Look at all the greatest stories that inspire, move and propel us to take action in our own lives. Every time they arise from a very simple premise, no matter how complex the story may journey you through.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Skarlet Lu Realta. Acclaimed author, Skarlet writes her unique books for a singular purpose: To Make Magik Real. Her thought-provoking novels catapult readers headlong into a thrilling world of magik where the paranormal becomes normal and fantasy becomes fact. An adventure junkie, she continues to explore many remote and unusual places that become the backdrop to the story worlds of all she writes. Her own experience has led her to understand the extraordinary generative nature of words: story creates reality as the words we speak and write become real.

Igrew up in a loving, busy family of 6 in the UK countryside surrounding London. The classic JRR Tolkein land, home to the Fae Folk of the great Celtic legends and myths. From as early as I can remember I just knew that magik was real, that the magik contained in myths, legends and fairytales was far more than simple imagination. Reading peoples thoughts, communicating with people that only I could see, seeing the future before it happened were all totally normal to me. The world was innately magikal to me until a series of events, and people’s perceptions, led me to believe that my ability to experience the world in this way was not normal. That this paranormal was in fact something to hide for fear of being seen as crazy, something to be terrified of due to its occult nature. So, as a young girl, I left behind the world I loved and shut down to magik with a vengeance in order to be accepted. Feeling like a square peg in a round hole, I determinedly refused to revisit any resurgence of magik or the paranormal at all. Instead, throwing myself into a highly successful career in international banking, trading and financial software with giants of those industries.

One book as a little girl that really inspired me was ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’. Essentially the story of new born owl who was terrified of what the dark may bring, how it would possibly terrorise or haunt it while its parents were away hunting for food. Each night it takes a few steps to explore the dark with trepidation and each time it meets a new and wonderful experience that encourages it to step deeper and deeper into the unknown terrain of the dark starry night. Until by the end of the story, the little owl has made so many new friends and had so many exhilarating experiences that it decides that stepping into the unknown of the dark is the most magikal place to be. This instilled within me a great curiosity to explore the hidden realms of the unknown.

This is quite the story!

As mentioned earlier, I had thrown myself into a highly successful career in international banking, trading and financial software, building a very grounded ‘normal’ life that seemed to others around me as if I had the perfect life. From working on the major London Financial Futures (LIFFE) and London Gold Futures (LGFM) exchanges, commodity and bullion trading, fund management and currency derivatives with international trading giants to then project managing, implementing and selling complex global multi-location, multi-million pound strategic financial software solutions for the leading financial software solutions company worldwide, my career sky rocketed. My world looked affluent to all who watched and yet inside I was slowly dying. Why? Because I resolutely refused to entertain any attempted resurgence of the magik paranormal, something I intrinsically knew was real, until one snowbound December’s day in Edinburgh castle when the world, and all of reality, came crashing down around me. A series of ‘out of the ordinary’ events saw me leave the castle with a mysterious ring upon my finger. A ring whose coded message, inscribed in an ancient alchemical language, would unlock a great trail of magik ahead and give birth to my extraordinary experience of words and story becoming real in my hands.

Akin to the classic hero’s journey, I attempted at the time to blank out the paranormal experiences of the castle and go back into my normal life, pretending the extraordinary I had just experienced had not happened. But of course, that was impossible. A tiny chink had just opened into a phenomenal world that lay beyond the illusion of normality, a world I had tucked away into ‘mere fantasy’ in my mind for many years. Life began crashing down around me on an epic scale.

Within just weeks I was in Ireland, standing in front of one of the oldest illuminated manuscripts in the world, housed in the largest single vault library in the world, and this time there was no coming back from what occurred. Reality peeled back before me in what could only be described as a ‘red pill’ moment as I witnessed layers of magik reality unfold before my eyes. Shocked & disoriented, the quantum magik of the world had opened to me with such a vengeance that I knew any notion of ‘normality’ was now forever gone.

Returning to the UK, unable to explain or understand the crazy things happening to me, speaking a strange language I had never previously heard, purporting quantum and cosmological principles from nowhere, I immediately walked away from the life I had known to the shock of all around me. I had no choice but to follow the call of the voice deep within me, to follow my intuitive knowing, while all the while feeling like a stranger in my own life.

Within days I woke one stormy night with a story in my mind. Writing through the dark of the night I was astounded in the morning when I finally put down my pen and read back what I had written: a story of two alchemists trying to reunite across time and complete what they had once began. I had absolutely no idea at that point what magik I had just unleashed, but was soon to find out…Imagine writing a story only to then experience the characters and events of your story showing up for real in your life.

This was the very beginning of a continuing series of events that had me bring the awareness of the magik of story, of its extraordinary generative nature as authors of our own reality, to ‘the greater world’.

I’m not sure if I wrote that first book or it wrote me. The same with all since. However, all of my writing has a single key simple focus and message: that we are each the most extraordinary, powerful creators and authors of our own reality and world, and that everything we choose to create, to write into being, is creating and choosing us back in the same moment in a wonderful dance of pure magik.

The impact I have always strived to achieve is to, in any way possible, help people come home to their innate magik and through that magik, fall in love with the wonder of life once more. To understand that we were each were born with Magik, born of the elemental Magik inherent in the world around us, and yet we forgot. You cannot lose what you already are. You just have to re-memember.

Yes. Though not at all in the way I may have perceived at the time. I went on to set up a university ‘Skolomanche University’ and now have a thriving community of students and professors across the globe studying the magik within the pages of my books to make that magik real in their lives. They do so through a series of our university programmes of ‘Quantum Magik’`; a timeless, elemental magik underpinned by quantum principles that show us how we observe and author our world and life into being.

From as early as the first novel I ever wrote, readers reached out to me from across the globe asking if I could teach them how to access this magik. Media reached out from across the globe to understand more. I didn’t really understand for myself at the time how I was experiencing what I was, the magik of words becoming real, yet I continued to dive deeper to explore and piece together information from incredible people I was meeting. In a strange series of synchronicities, the characters and events of my books were coming to life and leading me on a crazy journey across the globe to meet archaeologists, quantum physicists, cosmologists, linguists, neuro scientists and mystics from the mountains, all of whom were unwittingly sharing little pieces of information that I threaded together to start to understand just why it was that magik is real. That its source lay in the conjuring of story. I was called to run events, speaking gigs, expeditions and anything where people could experience an immersion in this magik. I was also being called to open a school or university which I did finally 5 years ago, when I felt truly ready to do so.

Readers explain as they are reading my books that they have physical body reactions to what they are reading. That they are lost in the pages as they feel like they are reading their own journey of exploration of magik. That through the pages as they live the story for themselves, they find the courage to dive into the realm of magik they somehow always knew was real, but had let the world tell them otherwise. They emerge transformed.

Some examples:

“Deeply shocking and spectacularly thrilling, the final instalment within such an original trilogy literally sent shivers down my spine. I lost myself within a creation of such genius that is wholly unusual. Two words to summarise my thoughts on this series: Simply spectacular!”

– Lucinda, Goodreads.

“This is a fabulous book and I can only recommend it to everyone who likes mythology, magic, fantasy and love!! It is not just a wonderful story- the books ‘work’ on different levels and they left me thinking alot more than most books do. I was deeply touched and have to give 5 stars-something I only rarely do!”

– Margit, Goodreads.

“Return of the Magus is the masterful, mind-blowing conclusion to The Sacred Quest Trilogy. This book is 432 pages long and I just read it twice! And I never read books twice. More than a mere book, this is an alchemical tool for transformation and to open yourself to it, to live the story in its pages, is to be changed,”

Phil, Goodreads.

“Fast paced with a remarkable storyline that encourages us to follow our heart and destiny. It is a must read book.”

The Sunday Guardian India

“A breakthrough book.”

– The Sydney Herald

So many! Experiences and events that would seem as if beyond the realms of possibility. A trail of synchronistic codes and clues unravelled across the globe in some of the most incredible far flung places on earth in some of the greatest adventures of my life. But I guess some of the most moving and fulfilling are still now when people share how their lives have transformed through reading the books. Physical ailments of years disappearing, transformational, mind blowing opening to their awareness of just how they really can live the magik of the life they choose, a magik they had been conditioned to believe was not real.

I remember I was giving a talk in Australia back in 2007 and an elderly lady at the end stood up and, leaving her walking sticks behind, slowly walked over to me. She took my face in her hands and spoke very simply “My husband died some years ago and you have just brought me the first joy and delight in his remembrance since he passed. Thank you”. I had no idea that, to the shock of many in the audience who knew her, she had just walked unaided for the first time in years. I didn’t know at the time what scientists now do: that our emotions shape our DNA and our reality. She had just transformed the ‘story’ she had held about her husband for all those years and in doing so, had conjured new emotions that quite literally changed her reality and ability to walk immediately.

Like all authors or pioneers of change, anyone who offers someone the chance to step into the unknown and inhabit a place that seems impossible will galvanise perspectives of all kinds, both positive and negative. All movements are born from a story. A story or movement that doesn’t conjure strong opinion or perspective is not a story that creates change. So yes, I have experienced and received negative feedback as I have experienced and received wonderful feedback.

However, when you understand that every perspective that someone holds is yet another story, a viewpoint, born of their own unique experience and that everyone will experience your writing and their own life in the way they ‘see it’ through the eyes of their own internal narrative and story they choose, then those negative perspectives don’t become a threat or a drawback. They are not even negative, simply a unique viewpoint of that person.

When I write, I don’t write for the reader, I write for the exploration of magik. My writing is my teacher of magik and leads me on crazy journeys through deeper realms of magik. I know as the reader reads my book that they will have the unique experience they choose for themselves, one that is right for them in that moment. If you think about it, you can read a book now and then go back to it in a month or a year’s time and as you reread the book, it will seem like a totally different story. That’s because you, not the story, have changed your inner perspective and therefore what you perceive you are reading has changed.

It seems to me that a world in which everyone feels they are free to express their own viewpoint, to live by their own narrative and story without judging or denigrating the story of another, begins a wonderful transformation from a world of good vs evil into a world of harmonious co-creation.

Ah that’s easy and very simple. Story ignites creation. It is a magik, a series of spells, that literally conjures itself into reality. All creation comes into being through geometries of sound and light: word. We are word. In every moment we think words, we speak them and we write them. Even our DNA is coded in alphabet. Therefore, our ability to wield story to conjure our reality is a given.

Story ignites movement because it touches the deepest magik within us, our innate yearning to move and grow and experience new and exciting aspects of life. Story speaks to the hero in each of us, inspires us to step into that hero, unites those who are choosing the same ‘world’ to come together to see that world made real.

Take the Arthurian mythology for example. Merlin lives in a world where magik is deemed ‘evil’. He has magik but no one knows and so the thing he yearns for is to live in a world or kingdom ‘Albion’ where magik is seen as a force to support people and so he can be free to be himself without hiding. So he thrusts a sword in a stone, gathers a bunch of people together and tells them a story, creates a legend. That story tells of a great kingdom ‘Albion’ of long ago in which magik existed as a force for good. Just before the king died he thrust his sword in the stone and declared that only when someone who could pull that sword from the stone once more would Albion return. Of course, many people tried and couldn’t until Merlin eventually brought Arthur along to try. After a few attempts, and Merlin silently wielding the same mind bending magik he used to place the sword in the stone to ensure Arthur could now release it, Arthur pulled the sword out. Instantly the kingdom of Albion returned. But did it drop out of the sky? No. It returned because that story, that legend, had just become real in the minds of the people. Story has long been known in the most brilliant of minds and ancient texts as the ‘God’ of creation.

I would say for me there are two key habits.

If I had to pick one it would be following my intuition would be. My writing began when I stopped listening to everyone around me and started listening to the voice within me. That voice, my intuitive direction, guided me then as it still does now to write its story into being. Even though I had never considered writing and had certainly never trained to write. That same intuitive voice leads me in every moment on the craziest journeys to experience the world of the words I write. The synchronicity of those journeys has opened up international acclaim for my writing across the globe in the form of books and other story medium.

I firmly believe that everyone has a story within them waiting to be told and lived. We are often conditioned to think that writing takes a certain skill set in order to be able to write something that will compel the reader to journey with our world and story. I would say the skill set is second to the integrity of the power of writing something from your heart.

The second habit is understanding and applying the Heroes Journey, essentially the 22 key steps that each of us journeys through to strive to transform our life to a place pf powerful self-realisation. When we watch a movie, or read a book that really moves us you can be sure it is structured around this 22-deep-plot invisible structure. As we follow the hero, laugh and cry in shock and wonder with all the hero confronts and experiences, we are able to identify so deeply with the courage they engage for each step of the journey they are taking as if it were our own life and journey. That’s because they are inspiring us to remember that we are the hero of our own life. These 22 steps pop up all over the place, even in the major arcana of a tarot deck for example that simply depicts the human journey from victim to hero, oblivion to self-realisation and powerful magik.

I spent some time in deep immersion learning the depths of the Heroes Journey with a fabulous US screen writing director, teacher and consultant. He said something that profoundly resonated with me and my own writing experience. “Don’t write what you think your audience wants to hear. Write something that will transform your own life because writing is the most transformative journey you will ever take. That’s the secret of the greatest writers.” That has certainly been my own experience.

I don’t really see failures, more opportunities to grow and expand and deepen and explore. A failure is an interesting concept that suggests an external measure that we must match up to in order to find success. But when you write something whose purpose is to have you explore deep into the depths of yourself, to take you on a great adventure into the unknown terrain of what may be possible, to transform yourself, then it cannot be a failure. Simply because it’s measure of success is then how deeply you live into where your writing is taking you, calling you to explore.

I would say that my biggest challenge is to ‘show up’ to my writing and allow it to take me where it wants to lead me. Sometimes that feels terrifying because I know I’m about to confront places within myself that I haven’t yet felt ready to confront or explore. Sometimes that feels exhilarating because I know I’m about to head off on a new adventure with both the writing and then how it unravels into my world and life. I would say the same thing about magik which is the core of all I write.

S — SIMPLE — The greatest movements emerge from the simplest of ideas and moments. These ideas are a timeless moment of real genius, often sweeping through us in a flash. Look at all the greatest stories that inspire, move and propel us to take action in our own lives. Every time they arise from a very simple premise, no matter how complex the story may journey you through. My own experience of this is the simple premise that Magik really is real, if only we are courageous enough to open our eyes to see it.

P — PASSION — To ignite a movement you first have to be ignited yourself and that starts with a single defining moment that changes everything! I have spoken of mine already within this interview, a moment when reality peeled back and I witnessed pure magik. Shortly followed by the incredible conundrum of my words becoming real from page to person. That passion has never left me from the outset and more importantly has grown with presence gravitas and drive in every moment since then.

A — ACTION — Movements are active and not passive. Every word we write inspires and drives the reader to take action. When that action becomes a consistent single cohesive transformational action then the reader is able to take that on as a quality for themselves and engage it within their life. We see the way movies are fantastic at instilling this within us by having repeating tag lines that drive us to understand that crucial single action that will change our life. For example, The Lord of the Rings tagline ‘Even the smallest person can change the fate of the world’ inspires the hero in us all, in knowing that the tiniest of actions come together to create such a vast ripple effect that can quite literally change our world.

R — REAL — Make it real so that it touches and catalyses the very heart of the people who read your words. To do this, it has to come from the real integrity of you and your own transformational experience. We feel intensely with the hero as we journey with them through their highs and lows. When the heroes journey is inspired by the real experience and emotions of the author, the experience is far more powerful for the reader. The effect is to move, propel and catalyse the reader to take action in their own life.

K — KIN — Something that is key to a movement is to engage and include everyone who wants to come together around the core idea of what your movement is here to achieve. No matter how much they may challenge us, support or inspire us, from the passing stranger to the enduring friend or partner, every one person is kin to you as you conjure the momentum and power of a movement. This applies to every character in our stories that we write. Often people will consider the great villain of a story to be the one that hinders the hero without truly understanding that it is the villain or opponent who is the key character that drives and catalyses the hero to step into his or her greatest power and version of themselves. My own experience around this, the shock of meeting in person a key character made real from some of my books who had written me into being at the heart of his identical story to mine, was to understand that we were both each other’s great hero and yet great love and adversary all at once. That in the end, every character and person is kin to us and to our vision and passion, key to unfold a real movement.

Well I would go further to say that actually there is no such thing as ‘The’ world. There is ‘Your’ world because only you see what you see, feel what you feel, think what you think. The world shows up to you through the eyes of how you choose to see it. It takes on the quality of how you choose it to be. You are the author of your own reality and therefore fully accountable to how you choose to author your life and world into being.

For me, my world is pure magik because I see ‘The’ world, which is of course ‘My’ world, through the eyes and resultant experience of incredible magik.

If everyone were able to re-centre themselves into this space, to understand that they are the powerful creator of all they experience, that it is the uniqueness of each person and the world that they see and experience that creates a fabric of such rich quality diversity and wonderful experience for each of us, then ‘The’ world would take on a whole new quality. Instead of focusing upon what is right or wrong, good or bad, we could explore what we could create together by bringing our unique visions, imaginations and worlds together.

I am not sure what you would call that movement but I am sure that the magik of my world and ‘movement’ sits right in its heart.

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