Arrival midday into Cluj Napoca airport.
Drive to Salina Turda spectacular underground salt mine scifi city to anchor the core of our expedition
Late afternoon drive onto Sarmizegetusa Regia National Park where we will stay for 2 nights in simple cabana accommodation


Morning spent in pilgrimage up the mountain to the ancient sacred site of Sarmizegetusa Regia: the most important capital of the ancient Dacian empire, home to the oldest writing form in the world, centre of Zalmoxis god of immortal incantation and Brotherhood of the Wolf. Alkemical pledge on the ancient volcanic andesite altar.

hunyad castle 2

Afternoon drive  to the medieval Hunyad Castle, Hunedoaora. Let loose your deep magik in its vaults


Morning departure for drive to Bran: home to one of the Castle’s of Vlad Dracul, aka Dracula. Drive via 7000-year-old Sinca Veche Temple Cave, known in myth and legend as the Temple of Destiny. Unlock and unleash your chosen destiny. The Isle of destiny is not a place outside of us, nor a position of magikal adept. Not earned nor found on a journey through the transcendental mind. It is the STORY we choose.



bran castle

Morning at Bran Castle: one of the famed homes to Vlad Dracul. Dracul became a 'monster' in order to protect the innocent. He was the Robin Hood of Wallachia. He walked into his fear and embodied it in service to his people. Here we walk into your fear in a powerful alkemical ritual to embody its power and majesty for all you are choosing to create.

Afternoon free to stroll around Bran.


Morning drive to Busteni. Take the breathtakingly beautiful cable car journey 2,200 metres up the mountain to the Bucegi Sfinx and Babel: location of the holographic hall of records and secrets within. 

Here we complete a powerful initiation to unearth and unlock the hidden records of superhuman alkemy within you, mirrored by those under the Sfinx.




Morning drive through mountain roads to Ialomicioara Cave: the cave of Zalmoxis.

Here we walk the ancient path of old to enter the spectacular cave, die and be reborn at its centre, and emerge the master alkemist: Zalmoxis rite of passage to immortality.


Early start departing Bran for Balea Lac.

Stop at Stone Ravens Monastery en route to complete a sacred ritual to embody your story in full.

Stop at Vlad Dracul's Poenari Castle fortress ruins to take in the views and majesty of this hauntingly beautiful imposing ruined fortress. Falling in love with the hauntingly beautiful ghost of our own fortress of magik.


Drive on via Vidraru Dam winding up the 2,100 metre glacial mountain on the spectacular Transfagarasan Highway, quoted by Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson as being "the world’s best road".  Be prepared to see a bear or wolf en route!

Reach Balea Lac, spectacular glacial mountain summit, original home to the ancient Scholomance underground school of magik. 

We stay here for 2 nights in the cabana on the glacial lake.


Day on Balea Lac, home to the mysterious Scholomance ancient school of magik in myth and legend.

The day begins with completing a highly sacred bond ritual, a sacred union, while absorbing the deepest mirror of our self in the waters of the glacial lake. Get ready to meet the true you!




Early departure from Balea Lac via the spectacular Transfagarasen waterfall to Cluj Napoca Airport, stopping for spectacular scenic experiences en route down. Evening flight home. 


A total price of £2,422 per person includes the following:

  • All accommodation in twin sharing rooms and breakfast as detailed below
  • All car hire and petrol 
  • All admissions and entry to cable car and sites
  • All alkemical guidance and expedition experiencial magik with Skarlet


Additional costs not included in the price:

  • Your own travel insurance. Travel throughout is at your own risk so please ensure you are covered by appropriate travel insurance.
  • Your flight to Cluj Napoca International Airport Transylvania
  • Your lunches and dinners
  • Your spending money

A non-returnable deposit of £500 per person is payable on booking. The balance will be payable on 20th April 2023 


cabana sargetia

Accommodation in Sarmizegetusa Regia is in a simple cabana inside the national park at the foothills of Sarmizegetusa Regia. Rooms are en-suite. Breakfast of home baked local foods is included. A simple restaurant is available for dinner of local foods.

Accommodation in Bran is in a beautiful pensiunea with views directly onto Bran Castle just a few minutes walk away. Rooms are en-suite. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant is included.

casa din bran

Accomodation in Balea Lac is in a simple cabana overhanging the glacial lake at the top of the mountain. Rooms are en-suite. breakfast of local foods is included. The restaurant serves hearty local foods for lunch and dinner.