The Quester means that you are not only open to the idea that reality is maybe more than you have been told, but are also actively seeking answers. You have begun to take very clear steps to seek out magik.  

  • You have started to notice how little things are interconnected 
  • That life is more than just a series of coincidences. 
  • You have begun to question if things are as they seem or as you have been led to believe
  • You have started to wonder does life  just 'happen' to you or do you have a palpable role in creating it? 
  • Is the magik of fairytales, myth and legend just that or could it be something more?

The magician and the alkemist actively seek out and wield palpable magik, however the all-important steps now are how you can take that further.

The good news is that if you are ready to get exploring further, to take some tangible next steps to propel your magik forwards, you have brought yourself to the perfect place. Let me introduce you to a SIMPLE six step process to get you started...

This unique SIMPLE process, something we use with all our students within Skolomanche University, will open and catapult you forwards into the realm of synchronistic magik. It leverages a fusion of ancient alkemy with futuristic quantum physics to create a powerful and easy to follow series of SIMPLE steps to follow now. Intrigued? Then get started below with each of the daily steps beginning with SIMPLE step 1. Access this by clicking below

Get started with SIMPLE by clicking Step 1 below

Osmaan Shariff

Business owner and Performance Coach

"Working with Skolomanche has been like having a secret magikal weapon to tangibly grow my business," 

Leah Ritz Kartz

Senior Manager and Business Owner

"Working with Skolomanche, Studying the Alkemy Graduate programme, my life has absolutely 180'd. I love the way that Skarlet and the university deliver not just theoretical but practical, understandable step by step tools to embody and live magik. As a result, I have had some huge and amazing results across all areas of my life." 

Monty Hooke

Pioneer and CEO The Exponential

"Transformational! Working with Skolomanche has allowed me to find the hidden powers and gifts inside me that have undoubtedly sent me on a trajectory to living into my highest calling. Skarlet combines what mystics have known for thousands of years with quantum mechanics, which I have found fascinating and practical in applying to my life. As an entrepreneur, working with Skarlet has been amazing!"

Rebecca Louise Kelly

Business Owner and Pioneering Transformation Coach.

“Working with Skolomanche has opened me up to be the creator of my own destiny.  I have fully realised a pioneering ability that I was too fearful to acknowledge until now.  This new way of being is taking both my business and my personal life to a level I didn’t even believe was possible.”  

Romeo SunAura Silva

Innovative Money Wizard, Filmmaker and Entrepreneurial Nomad

"Skarlet is a master of magik and so are you! Lots of things have changed in my life after the amazing Alkemy Graduate  Programme with Skolomanche University. My confidence, the way I look at the world and have been able to remould my whole life to the way I want it after journeying home to my true self," Romeo SunAura Silva,

Michelle Clarke

Chief Partnerships Officer, GeniusU 

"Skarlet's way of unfolding your inner magik, of helping you be truly who you are, in your real power, and discovering exactly what you are capable of achieving is just phenomenal. I have never experienced this with anyone else."