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Studying within Skolomanche Academy of Magik is powerful, transformational and great fun. We offer a series of immersive year-long study programs, through a 'Living System of Magik', that deliver both the academic understanding and practical application of how to reclaim and wield your magik. These programs begin with the 'Alkemist' foundation syllabus and progress on to the 'Magician' and then 'Contrarian' programs.  The programs dive fully into the realm of the Magik Maker as they return you home to your innate magik and empower you to become a legend in your own right to reach a place you may never have imagined possible.



The Alkemist is the foundational year-long cutting-edge Graduate program that will see you unplug from your matrix, initiate and unleash your innate magik and powerfully direct and wield it to create the life you truly choose. You will journey through uncharted territory in order to ‘deconstruct’ and ‘reconstruct’ every aspect of your world & life into pure synchronistic magik. The program, and academy team, will take you through the structure, implications and practical application of seven principles of alkemy which will serve as the conduit home to your magik. The journey will see you master and employ each of the seven principles consecutively, and then concurrently, in order to fully return your magik to you until you 'see' and 'create' through very different eyes. From this place, having become adept at creating your reality while in turn your reality creates you back, your ‘seeming paranormal’ ability to move and create everything in your life with clarity and accuracy towards your deep purpose will be unparalleled. A term in ancient alchemy known as ‘Prime Mover'. 

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Following on from the Alkemist, the year-long Magician program catapults you fully into the realm of the Magik Maker. This program takes you on a great adventure through the Magician's Seven Avatars into the realms beyond 'fact vs fiction, illusion vs reality' to leverage the next level of your powerful magik. Here the Alkemist and Magician unite for something beyond both; the mysterious power of legend that can literally create itself into being in totality. 

On the Magician's adventure we must be ready to leave behind the 'me' and become instead a 'legend'. To inhabit the Magician is to inhabit the world of the trickster and all the fun and magik that delivers. Master the adventure of not only birthing your own world of choice into being, but also empowering every person, event, construct that rocks up into your world with the exponential magik power, beyond real or illusion, to supercharge their own world and yours. The result is that your relationship with each one of them, and therefore the adventures you can take together, creates an exponential vortex of growth in the magik you can conjure and create. You become something entirely different to an individual as you become the full magik power of a legend/story made real.

Are you now ready to become far greater than a person? To become a legend?



Following the Magician, the Contrarian program dives into the radical magik potential of the 'Game-Master'. Here you transcend the 'Me' and the 'Legend' to inhabit and become the 'Game' itself. We move beyond the realm of the Magician and the Alkemist into the realm of the 'Contrarian'.

As the Contrarian, we now inhabit the full forcefield of 'radical potential' that exists when we dare to step out beyond 'life as we perceive it'. To shock and shake reality into a whole new state of wonder. The genius behind genius. The game behind the game. Advanced Super Intelligence and True living mind meet here for something beyond both as we inhabit the full force of the 'uncreated': the superdynamics of the game itself.

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