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Support for our students is a crucial element of the Skolomanche Academy experience. Entry into the Alkemist program is opened once per year and to a select number of students. This is to ensure we can offer the best possible support to each student throughout their study program. Progression onto the Magician and Contrarian programs is dependent upon each students progress through the Alkemist program. 

All students on the Alkemist program receive full professor support through monthly group progress sessions. In addition, there is an active student community platform where students and professors alike share their experiences as they journey through the programme and offer support to one another.

We urge all students to be as open as possible in the sharing of their findings and experiences throughout the program since, by doing so, a far greater level of magik advancement will be experienced for all.


Our academy of magik has a thriving, active private online virtual campus for our global community of students. The online campus unites students and professors as we journey together throughout the Alkemist, Magician and Contrarian programs for sharing experiences, learnings and enjoying community pursuits of magik purpose. We use numerous well proven and actively embraced social media platforms to deliver community interaction and university online support. 

Students are actively encouraged to participate fully in the virtual campus as this deepens and enriches the full study experience and immersion in real Magik. new (1)


Skolomanche Faculty is formed of practising Magik Makers who have been journeying themselves through the very principles we teach for many years.

We aim to offer our students an entirely new series of dynamic possibilities for reality creation. As such study within Skolomanche Academy of Magik is an 'invitation' to transcend traditional learning faculties and instead embark through many new gateways of learning to become someone you may never have deemed possible.


Our studies are specifically designed to transcend 'normal' learning to instead, deliver each student firmly into the 'paranormal' realm of 'The Magik Maker'. The specific objective being to embrace that there is no distinction between fiction and fact, illusion or reality, normal or paranormal  except within your own mind. At all times we emphatically encourage students not to accept anything as truth but to question, explore and determine for themselves what feels true for them and use this as a base point to unleash and fully embody their magik. new (1)


Our faculty team of mentors are practising Magik Makers with many years experience of quite literally 'walking out' the magik you will learn on the programs. They bring in addition diverse theoretical and practical experience and skills from many fields including hermetics, language, science, history, cryptography, theology, mysticism and the arts, philosophy, psychology, theosophy, energetic alignments, plant medicine, herbalism and food science, business and management, writing, finance, technology, education, mythology, mentoring, sound and anatomy.  


Skolomanche is an online academy of magik. Our online facilities are all encompassing, enabling each student to experience a full and comprehensive academy feel to their study program. We plan to establish the first physical Skolomanche Academy of Magik in Scotland.


Contrarian, Alkemist, Adventurer, Skarlet is the founder and principal of Skolomanche Academy of Magik. As a mentor, speaker, author and expeditioner, she teaches, mentors, speaks, travels and writes for a single purpose: to open people to the wonder of magik and make it a real force in their lives.   

For years many people reached out to Skarlet asking her to establish Skolomanche Academy of Magik through which she could support others, based upon her own incredible experiences, to come home to their own extraordinary magik. In 2015, Skarlet founded Skolomanche for that purpose. The academy is now a thriving global community of Magik Makers, professors and students alike. 

Skarlet has appeared on television, film, radio and many online news agencies across the globe and addressed audiences, large and exclusive, on both land and sea throughout Australia, India, Europe, the Arctic and Antarctica. new (1)