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The original Scholomance ancient School of Magik lay hidden for thousands of years near an unnamed lake beneath the Transylvanian mountains. Many tales have emerged over the ages surrounding the origins of the school and its true purpose of liberating its students home to their innate magik. Of the ancient Hultan alchemists protecting the school and all life on the mountains in which it dwelt. But what was Scholomance really, why was it demonised across the ages and from where did its legend truly originate?

Before Transylvania was a Roman or Christian territory, it was part of the province of Dacia culturally affiliated with Thrace. It is from the Dacians in the period of Zalmoxis that we have what is now widely considered probably the most ancient writing ever found on earth: the 5,300bc Tartaria Tablets uncovered in 1960 at Sarmizegetusa Regia. Skeletons of giants have also been found in this area originating during this period. In Dacia and Thrace, the pagan high priests were known as Zgriminties or Hultans of the mountains, mighty alchemists who claimed control over storms and could summon a Balaur (dragon) to ride. 

They were seen as sovereign benevolent forces able to command through magik much-needed rain to fertilise the crops. They lived in the mountains, retreated to secret underground chapels to learn the alchemical secrets of commanding the elements and wielded the power of the deity Zalmoxis whose doctrine was the attainment of immortality through incantation: a process that required what is now known to evolutionary unified field physics as the transcendence of the 'finite brain mind' into the unified field of the infinite ‘true living mind’.

Once early primitive Christianity took hold in this region, the Hultans were de-famed as devil worshippers and renamed Solomanari, linking them to the alchemy of king Solomon and the Clavicula Salomonis Regis: the book created by Solomon during his darkest hours for the purpose of summoning heinous acts. Yet they were simply pre-Christian pagan priests. Anti-Solomanari were created in order to track down and eradicate these Solomanari. The word 'devil' was used during many of the religions of the time (and today) to describe an entity of astounding evil proportion whose desire was to lure each person into 'diabolical acts' leading to suffering and purgatory: This 'devil' being a pre-cursor to what modern neuro science has now renamed the cognitive infrastructure of the lateral frontal poles of the brain. In other words the brain can be programmed through these frontal lobes to perceive that such an entity named devil is real and to the person in question, as the frontal lobes perform their innate role, it feels real.

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The alkemical practice of the priests, and the purported death and resurrection of the deity Zalmoxis in a great underground chamber on his 'holy mountain' where he taught the secrets of immortality, were distorted across the ages by Greeks, Romans and early Christians. What seemingly began in myth as priestly alchemical indoctrination and training of the carefully selected few in the underground chambers of the original Scholomance soon passed into legend as a demonic devils school which was entered at the price of the delegates soul given to the devil himself. These facts then went on to become the basis of numerous modern articles, thesis and stories: perhaps the most infamous of all being Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.

Skolomanche University of Magik raises once more the transcendent magik of the ancient school of Scholomance to now specifically deliver a quantum understanding, instruction and practical application of the true paranormal magik inherent within each human underpinned by quantum principles  to create perfected reality. This is blended with the inherent 'Prime Mover' hermetics of the Merlinian age and its corresponding Albion ethics at the heart of ancient Alba.


In his fictional novel 'Dracula', Stoker refers to a mysterious school of magic named Scholomance residing in the Transylvanian mountains, describing it as the place where the Dracula’s learnt their magic from the devil himself. Though referring to the Dracula's as a great family, he never reveals the identity of his blood sucking Dracula as the infamous Vlad Tepes of the house of Dracul: a man that many hailed as one of the most barbaric men to live and portrayed by the tyrannical ottomans as drinking the blood of those he impaled. Yet if you ask any Romanian, they will explain the real story behind the popularised demonised facade of Vlad Dracul to reveal that he was in fact a hero, the Robin Hood of his time, a man driven to protect the innocent people of Wallachia from the horrors of the genocide-driven Ottomans.

Emily Gerard’s 1885 article on “Transylvanian superstitions” describes Scholomance: “As I am on the subject of thunderstorms, i may as well here mention the Scholomance, or school supposed to exist somewhere in the heart of the mountains, and where all the secrets of nature, the language of animals, and all imaginable magic spells and charms are taught by the devil in person. Only ten scholars are admitted at a time, and when the course of learning has expired and nine of them are released to return to their homes, the tenth scholar is detained by the devil as payment, and mounted upon an Ismeju (dragon) he becomes henceforward the devil's aide-de-camp, and assists him in 'making the weather,' that is to say, preparing the thunderbolts.”

Folklorist, R. C. Maclagan, produced a report for the journal folklore in 1897 that described Scholomance: Here we find that the Drac is the devil in person, who instructs certain persons to be magicians and medicine men in a college under the earth. Of these, one in eight receives instruction during fourteen years, and on his return to earth he has the following power. By means of certain magical formulae he compels a dragon to ascend from the depths of a loch. He then throws a golden bridle with which he has been provided over his head, and rides aloft among the clouds, which he causes to freeze and thereby produces hail.

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So, in all cases we can see that the Scholomance scholars learned to control the elements, summon the weather and ride dragons, something that the legends of the Zalmoxian Hultan alchemist high priests of the mountains continuously performed. Was Stoker's story of a Dracula who was destroyed by a cross and communion bread really an inference to the pagan high priest alchemical Hultans who were demonised, destroyed and controlled by the dominance of superstitious primitive religion of its time? Has the defamation of Scholomance merely been the tool to surpress and control the seeming 'paranormal abilities' that confused baffled and terrified the organised doctrines of the prevailing cults and religions? We can never truly know since so much of history as we know it is his-story: the documented perception of the observer’s interpretation of facts witnessed or heard. But the mystery only deepens:

In 2003 an extraordinary discovery was made beneath the Transylvanian Bucegi mountains in the area linked to the origins of Scholomance. A series of unprecedented underground caves and tunnels thousands of miles in length were uncovered by Romanian secret service using agents equipped with paranormal abilities to gain access. Within them lay a mysterious 50,000-year-old chamber containing remarkable holographic technology and records. A giant stone table lay at the centre of the chamber which, when activated, offered evidence of experiential cross breeding of interplanetary species and how the human race had been reprogrammed at one point in its evolution by a race with superior intelligence, making latent the true power of the human being. The records are reputed to show over 95% of history as we know it to be a lie, and present instead an alternate history in which the true remarkable super powers of the human being have been unleashed and emanate once more. This evidence it seems was deliberately hidden from the world in 2003 by covert global powers who placed the Romanian media and government under threat of death to keep top secret the knowledge of this cave and tunnel system, one tunnel of which is reputed to lead into inner earth. Why? Could this be the origins of the underground Scholomance?

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