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Skolomanche University offers exclusive 1-2-1 twelve month plus mentoring packages to take an individual through the Alkemy Graduate programme privately in a totally targeted environment with Skarlet. The private 1-2-1 is specifically targeted to the individuals goals, business and personal, to accelerate the embodiment of Quantum Magik for specific purpose. This package is specifically suited to  Change Makers, Pioneers, Visionaries, Free Thinkers, Business Owners, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Game Changers.


Your life is your legacy: your unique, powerful and magikal presence on earth, made real through the quantum manifestation of the story, or destiny, you choose to live. That story/legend is made real by you through the hidden realms of every word within it, the words you think, feel, write and speak. These words become a dialogue of 'quantum photons/sonic geometries of creation' with the field which, together with the 12 Alquantum keys of quantum alkemy, do your magik bidding exactly as you command. This process of perfected creation is known in ancient hermetics as the 'Prime Mover' triad. You create your own reality while, simultaneously, that reality creates you. Master this and you become the genius 'Prime Mover' creator of your life, your destiny, your legacy. This paranormal ability is the innate skill of the adept human, but has been programmed out of us since childhood resulting in a feeling of being 'out of control of one’s own destiny', 'a victim to the events that occur in our life.' Yet, perfected creation is not the province of an elite few but the birthright of all.  Are you ready to claim that back?

The Exclusive 1-2-1 alkemical mentoring package is by application and includes the following:

  • Exclusive 12 month Alkemy Graduate programme tailored specifically to your unique focus and needs
  • Incorporation of all 12 Alquantum keys, working through each one month by month alongside your specific goals. CLICK HERE for more information about the 12 keys
  • During the whole period you will have access to the Alkemical phonics decoding system, whereby Skarlet will assist you to understand the deep nature (challenges/qualities/drivers/success) of individuals (family or friends), businesses, individuals and teams within your business, business partners, brands and products/services in order to assist you to:
  • Understand and maximise the personal relationships in your life
  • Recruit the right people for the right roles (or craft the perfect roles) to maximise their individual performance
  • Place the right combination of people together in teams so the teams perform to their highest potential
  • Create business, brand and product/service names that seamlessly align to you, your deep vision, and maximise their potential to perform for you to achieve your business goals
  • Skarlets top priority support.

Skarlet only ever mentors a few people simultaneously. If you would like to be considered for one of the exclusive mentoring opportunities with Skarlet, please complete the application form below

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