The Cutting Room Floor Podcast – What is Quantum Magik really?

By skarletlurealta | July 28, 2020

Casey Ryan of The Cutting Room Floor interviews Skarlet Lu Realta to understand What is Quantum Magik really? What is its paranormal transformational power? Listen to the podcast here

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Why the Greatest movements can emerge from the simplest of ideas and moments

By skarletlurealta | July 23, 2020

The greatest movements emerge from the simplest of ideas and moments. These ideas are a timeless moment of real genius, often sweeping through us in a flash. Look at all the greatest stories that inspire, move and propel us to take action in our own lives. Every time they arise from a very simple premise,…

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Is Magik Real or an Illusion?

By skarletlurealta | June 30, 2020

  Is magik real or is it an illusion? Long has this question been asked across the ages. From magicians to alchemists, scholars to philosophers, scientists to mystics, archaeologists to cosmologists the search to prove whether magik is a tangible reality or merely an illusion has been explored¬† for thousands of years.¬† Yet could it…

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