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22nd - 26th January 2024



Manifestation is a process of Magik that is founded on something you may be surprised by. Much has been offered and spoken across the eons around how to manifest what you truly choose into being: the art and science of manifestation. But did you ever stop to ask yourself the most important question of all?

Not HOW do I manifest but WHY do I manifest

If you do not know the answer to this question then your ability to manifest is vastly diminished. Conversely, when you do know why, then your power to manifest takes a quantum leap. In our 5 day Magik Manfestation experience we learn the secret ingredient of WHY to unlock the Magik of HOW in 5 simple steps. 



Join Skarlet, Principal of Skolomanche Academy of Magik, and the Academy team, for this 5-day interactive experience in which Skarlet will guide you through the why and how of Magik Manifestation in 5 simple steps. The 5-day experience will dive into:

  • How to unlock the WHY of manifesting, the anchor to its success.
  • How to get clear with what you are choosing to manifest, and structure the process of manifesting it in a way that the quantum field of consciousness, the universe, can understand and therefore deliver to you.
  • How to recognise when that manifestation is already circling towards you and what to do to anchor it in.
  • How to say YES, step into and receive what you have chosen to manifest. This is the key stage at which most manifestation breaks down
  • How fiction becomes fact in your hands and why this is so crucial to manifestation.
  • How you are already a prolific magik manifestor and all you have to do is re-member
  • Interactive tools of a SIMPLE 5 step process to start unlocking powerful synchronistic manifestation in your life.


This is for you if...

  • You have tried to manifest things into your life but what you choose seems to somehow always elude you.
  • You manifest things that, when they show up, you realise are not what you truly want.
  • You create and manifest things easily and yet are left feeling hollow, as if the things you created brought you no joy or magik.
  • You are ready to take your power of manifestation to a whole new level and looking for that secret magik edge to do so
  • You are looking for a way to make magik a tangible force in your life


The 5 day Magik Manifestation experience costs just £97 and takes place from Monday 22nd January - Friday 26th January 2024 at 7pm UK time where we will experience:

  • Daily one hour group zoom call at 7pm UK/GMT time.
  • Explore together the fun, powerful, practical application of 5 Simple Steps of Magik Manifestation.
  • Go practice it daily as we build the manifestation magik.
  • Complete the 5 days equipped to radically change the way, the accuracy and crucially the reason why you manifest. 
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Contrarian, Adventurer, Magik Maker, Skarlet is the founder of Skolomanche Academy of Magik, an internationally acclaimed author, mentor, and speaker. Published across the globe under different pen-names, S L Realta has appeared on television, film, news and radio, addressing audiences from Australia to Antarctica. She teaches and writes for a singular purpose: to open people to the wonder of magik being a real force in their lives. To break them out of their comfort zone, think beyond the norm and realise that we each have within us the power to make the paranormal become normal and fantasy become tangible fact in our hands.

From the earliest age, Skarlet believed the world to be magik yet, like many of us, she shut that away when she was told that magik only existed in fairy tales. For 16 years, she threw herself into a highly successful career in international finance, trading, and financial software until, one snow-bound December day in Edinburgh Castle, that all changed. A series of extraordinary events saw her leave her old life behind as the curious magik of story became her passion and she followed a new path to explore the remarkable generative nature of words and how to wield that to literally conjure the story you choose into reality. 


"Have you ever suspected that the paranormal is actually normal and magik, far from being simply the province of fairytales, is actually a reality? Have you ever experienced things that you just can’t explain with logic and yet you know them to be true? Strange synchronicity, things you have made happen that have shocked you? Have you ever wondered if humans are far more magikal than we have been led to believe? If yes, then let me take you on an adventure, a thought-provoking cryptic journey that will unlock incredible magik in your life. One from which you will never look back,"

Skarlet Lu Realta



"Working with Skarlet and Skolomanche has been like having a secret magikal weapon to tangibly grow my business," Osmaan Shariff, Business owner and Performance Coach.


"Working with Skolomanche, studying the Alkemist program, my life has absolutely 180'd. I love the way that the academy delivers not just theoretical but practical, understandable step by step tools to embody and live magik. As a result, I have had some huge and amazing results across all areas of my life," Leah Ritz, Senior Manager and Business Owner.

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"Skarlet's way of unfolding your inner magik, of helping you be truly who you are, in your real power, and discovering exactly what you are capable of achieving is just phenomenal. I have never experienced this with anyone else," Michelle Clarke, Fractional Leader and CEO

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"Transformational! Working with Skolomanche has allowed me to find the hidden powers and gifts inside me that have undoubtedly sent me on a trajectory to living into my highest calling. Skarlet combines what mystics have known for thousands of years with quantum mechanics, which I have found fascinating and practical in applying to my life. As an entrepreneur, working with Skarlet has been amazing!" Monty Hooke, Pioneer and CEO The Exponential

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"Skarlet is a master of magik and so are you! Lots of things have changed in my life after the amazing Alkemist Program with Skolomanche. After journeying home to my true self through Skolomanche, my confidence, the way I look at the world and the way I have been able to remold my whole life to the way I want it is amazing," Romeo Silva, Filmmaker and Entrepreneurial Nomad NEW