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Unlock the elemental correspondences of your alkemical language

Na ristouna miyou nahi (come with me)

  • Air- Brehithi -Na ristouna miyou nahi brehithi
  • Fire- musaka - Na ristouna miyou nahi musaka
  • Water – lisu - Na ristouna miyou nahi lisu
  • Earth – nastrimisu - Na ristouna miyou nahi nastrimisu
  • Stellar – nasteri - Na ristouna miyou nahi nasteri

Bynoutha manastanari – to command its creation into form


 1. Minor elemental correspondences:

  • What are each of your minor elements
  • Assign a symbol to each one
  • Determine the word in your language for each one 

2. 12 Streams of Creation:

  • What are the 12 streams of creation in your language. Assign them a meaning/figurehead/avatar role

3. Combine the power of the elements with your sigils by fusing the commands of your sigils with the blending with the element you are wielding to fuel that command. e.g. if working with the element of air, command in Alkquileahan would be Na ristouna miyou nahi 'brehithi'

4. Moon theurgy. Invoke the full power of elemental fuel for your langauge as follows "I xxx command that the elemental language of my True Will is now fully fused, fuelling and engendering pinpoint accurate targeted alkemy in its mystic power. I command that it  direct and magnetise all my creations into reality in accordance with my true will"





This month we start to dive deeper into the construct of our language at the elemental correspondent, Level 3 Mystic, level. The voice of our True Will is made up of two parts:

  1. Elemental
  2. Our unique Language

One part intrinsically shapes feeds and fuels the other. Just as Ipsissimus and Magus are both knowledge and movement of alkemy that shape, feed and fuel one another, enabling both the knowledge to become tangible palpable reality while the movement engenders the knowledge. So do the elemental and unique alkemical language fuse to become engendering of alkemical reality on all levels

Wielding the words of our alkemical language, the voice of our true will in its most potent pre-translated state, becomes exponentially empowered when determinedly fuelling it with the elemental power of inherent elemental being: mastering the communication of the elements at a mystic level. This module takes us deep into elemental power on a linguistic mystic level. We are effectively determining one series of correspondences at the Level 3 Mystic level of our language to deepen and expand the creative power of our language.

The third Level of our alkemical language is constructed of a series of correspondences inherent within 12 streams of creation. Today we are working with on set of correspondences: Elemental. The majors are identical in all our alkemical languages. The Minors (no less in power) are unique to your own alkemical language. Your minors will be inherent to you uniquely and appear intuitively. Listed below are the elemental correspondences of Alkquileahan.


  • Air- Brehithi 
  • Fire- musaka 
  • Water – lisu 
  • Earth – nastrimisu 
  • Stellar – nasteri


  • Smoke
  • Meteorite
  • Shooting Star
  • Rainbow
  • Aurora/Northern Lights
  • Dew
  • Comet
  • Haze
  • Lightning
  • Thunder
  • Snow
  • Mist
  • Hail
  • Dust


In order to begin to assign elemental power to our alkemical langauge at the third mystic level, we must first determine the 12 streams of creation unique to our own language. The 12 streams of creation are representative of the journey/rite of passage you have taken home to yourself as master alkemist and set out a transformational path for the journey forwards, each stream being transformed in its own right within you and now a base point for something entirely new: a path of alkemy of your True Will. The Alkquileahan 12 Streams of Creation which represented Skarlets journey home to master alkemist are as follows:

  • Stream 1 Lover
  • Stream 2 Warrior (consists 3 distinct parts to one stream)
  • Stream 3 Land/Earth Master (consists 3 distinct parts to one stream)
  • Stream 4 Goddess (consists 3 distinct parts to one stream)
  • Stream 5 All-Father
  • Stream 6 All-Mother
  • Stream 7 Healer
  • Stream 8 Smith/Wizard
  • Stream 9 Sea God
  • Stream 10 King
  • Stream 11 Oracle/Seer Wordsmith
  • Stream 12 God/Master Creator
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