Is Magik Real or an Illusion?


Is magik real or is it an illusion? Long has this question been asked across the ages. From magicians to alchemists, scholars to philosophers, scientists to mystics, archaeologists to cosmologists the search to prove whether magik is a tangible reality or merely an illusion has been explored  for thousands of years.  Yet could it be something beyond both? In that search to determine its validity an intriguing phenomenon arises, one that eludes many as they attempt to structure their quantifiable proof of wether indeed magik is real or not. That phenomenon is quite simple: That the proof of magik is structured upon the observers rules which makes the measure totally subjective to the observer.  In other words the person defines whether magik is real according to rules they have constructed that may inherently be already keeping them away from their magik.

For example the person who says that something is only real if you can see it, taste it, touch it, smell it or hear it (the magician) are they correct? Or is it the person who says something is real if they can already foresee it, sense it, know it, perceive it beyond the realm of normal human senses and take the action to bring it into reality through these mystic forces? (the alkemist). Is one right and one wrong or neither?

I took a very powerful journey with an adept magician in Norway last summer which gave birth to something remarkable that exists beyond the realm of ‘illusion’ or ‘reality’, ‘fiction’ or ‘fact’, all encompassed in a little book I will be releasing later this year ‘The Illusionist and the Alkemist’.

Fiction vs Fact: We all know that science fiction is a pre-cursor to science fact where time and again ‘story’ has become ‘reality’. We know that ‘history’ is a series of reports of what has taken place by observers of that event and yet we also know that people ‘perceive’ or ‘observe’ a situation or event in entirely different ways. Essentially ‘seeing’ what is happening through the inner eyes of their own previous experiences. Lets consider the spooky phenomenon of Quantum Physics that proves reality is observed into being. Here we have the wonderful example of how story creates reality into being yet that story is through the eyes of the one seeing or observing the world around them. If this is the case then magik is neither real nor is it an illusion: It is a subjective observation that conjures reality!


More to come …

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    This is Magik!

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