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Skolomanche University is a thriving university global community of quantum alkemists. We aim to open our students to an entirely new series of possibilities for potent quantum reality creation. As such study within Skolomanche is a location independent invitation to transcend traditional learning faculties and instead embark through many new gateways of immersive learning upon the transformational revolutionary ride of your life. To return home to your own innate quantum magik where the paranormal becomes your normal and the impossible becomes possible in your hands. To become someone you may never have previously thought possible.

The university, founded and run by Skarlet Lu Realta,  offers professors and students alike a unique and profound journey through a living system of quantum magik, structured within a series of graduate and post graduate programmes, to effectively 'bust out of your matrix, come home to your own innate quantum magik and use it to create the extraordinary life and world you truly choose'.


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From Transylvania, the Arctic and ancient Albion, through archaic landscapes, to wild and crazy journeys to remote unchartered territory across the globe, Skolomanche's expeditions lead you through both an inner and outer terrain. The result: to transform your life into pure synchronistic magik where the story you choose to live is brought to life through the footsteps you quite literally tread.

Skarlet, chancellor of the university and adventure junkie, leads these expeditions accompanied by Skolomanche Professors. Skarlet has traversed some of the most remote and obscure places on earth to uncover and decode ancient mythologies, ciphers and codes hidden in the landscapes only to unearth the strangest phenomenon of all. That the land itself is alive with mysterious intrinsic magik and acts as a walking, talking alchemical mirror to the world we see and experience within us.

These expeditions are open to students of Skolomanche University.



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Skarlet leads the mentoring team to mentor inspirational business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovative free thinking individuals across the globe to bring their vision to life, to fully realise their legacy. Your business is 'you' made real therefore to bring success to your business, to actualise your legacy and vision, you must first understand the true inspiration that drives you and wield its inherent magik for potent results.

Skarlet’s business background enables her to combine a very grounded, tangible understanding of cutting edge business with a totally unique understanding and experience of wielding creative magik to create and actualise aligned strategy to achieve quantum success in your business.

Skarlet brings the experience of 14 years working within fund management, trading and operations with the major London currency and derivatives exchanges of LIFFE, LSE & LGFM including setting up and running the currency derivatives middle-back office for the international trading giant Salomon Bros. Headhunted into the foremost global financial middle office software systems supplier, Skarlet implemented, managed and sold complex global multi-location, multi-million pound strategic solutions to critical deadlines and budgets, managing large teams and consistently over-achieving sales and operational targets with the companies most prestigious customers.

Typically when working with our clients, we find alot of their challenges can be around money and understanding the energy of money in order to leverage it powerfully to grow their business.  Working so closely with 'money making' has enabled Skarlet to understand the inherent ‘fun’ nature of money and its true role in prosperity. “Money is not at all what you think," says Skarlet, "but once you really understand the energy of money, its life-force, purpose and inherent nature, then it can be wielded as a powerful ally as a force for creating legacy. Legacy creates money, not the other way around. Money is a tool of pure magik”



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Skolomanche Press is the publications arm of Skolomanche, publishing books and publications for the group and its students and clients.  Founder and CEO of the World of Skolomanche, Internationally acclaimed author Skarlet writes her unique books under Skolomanche Press for a singular purpose: To Make Magik Real. Her profound thought-provoking novels catapult readers headlong into a thrilling world of magik where the paranormal becomes normal and fantasy becomes fact.

She has immersed herself in the company of scientists, linguists, theosophists, archaeologists, hermetics and historians, to name but a few, decoding thousands of years of unsolved mythology as part of the epic stories she writes. Her books seamlessly weave and transcend many existing genres into an entirely new genre of its own: Magik.

An adventure junkie, she continues to explore many remote and unusual places that become the backdrop to the storyworlds of all she writes. Her own experience has led her to understand the extraordinary generative nature of words: story creates reality as the words we speak and write become real.




Skarlet pioneers the voice behind Skolomanche and the mind behind The Magik Makers  to take you down the rabbit hole of reality construction to show you just how powerfully you can liberate your true mind from perceived reality, home to its innate potent quantum alkemical state. To understand how to re-engage with the miraculous wonder of the magik of life and master it in a potent tangible way to create the extraordinary life you choose.


Her innovative, fun, profoundly thought-provoking style engages audiences of all sizes with interactive exercises, as she challenges people to step outside of their comfort zone and fully into what she likes to call their 'Magik Zone'.


Skarlet has appeared on television, film, radio and many online news agencies across the globe. A global keynote speaker, she has addressed audiences, large and exclusive, on both land and sea throughout Australia, India, Europe, the Arctic and Antarctica.