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The Alkemist Programme takes place over a period of 12 months as

we journey through 7 principles of alkemy within a 'Living System of Magik'.

An outline of the content of each module is set out below.



This first module leads you through a 6-step 'SIMPLE' process to unlock your True Living Mind and unleash synchronistic magik. We reset your system so that magik becomes the fundamental basis of your life. What is magik really? How do mysticism, ancient alchemy and quantum science bridge to form magik? What is the role of alchemy for magik? How do we bring concept into matter and why is this crucial to you in creating the reality you choose? How is magik already present within you and how do you unleash it fully?  Why does magik only happen outside your comfort zone and how do you measure magik success? Essentially this first month unlocks opens the gateways to your magik and propels you forwards.

"You cannot lose what you already are. You are Magik itself"



MODULE 2 leads you through the incredible power of Perception and its ability to either block, or fully open, your magik. Perception lifts the lid on the magik of story as we explore just how powerfully story is a tool of pure magik to create itself into being in our hands. What is perception really and what is its true alkemical function? Why and how does our perception, the stories we hold to be true, govern and shape not only the way we see the world but also the way we create it? How do we recognise and transform limiting, destructive perception into liberating perception for magik purpose? This module will see you powerfully deconstruct and reconstruct the way you perceive reality and the world around you. It is a red pill moment. You will undertake a journey that will see you leave behind what you once accepted as 'true' and 'fact' and instead unleash a new perceptive faculty that leads to a new dynamic form of magik creation in your hands. Reality will never look the same again as you learn to wield transcendent perception to bring to life the story you choose to live.

"Perception is the layer of illusion that gives all matter mass"



This third module focuses entirely upon 'TRUE WILL'. What is true will really? How is true will different to free will, expression of will or will power and why is it so crucial to your magik? What is its construct, where does it exist and how does it bend reality? Why is navigating beyond perception home to the blank canvas of your own true will such a crucial factor in your ability to create? How do you learn to hear your True Will speaking to you from within and why is learning its language so key to be able to master the creation of both your inner and outer world? How does true will function as the architect of ‘aligned reality construction’ as opposed to ‘distorted reality creation’? Who has actively wielded true will for magik purpose across the ages with spectacular results? How and to what end? This module will see you reorient your poles of reality as you ‘return home’ to your magik divinity, your truest nature, in order to fully engage its magik to powerfully create what you choose into being.

​"Will in the hands of the adept becomes the adept of magik"




This fourth module explores what happens when we start to wield perception and story from the place of our truest self, our True Will. What is Creative Will really?  What is its role in magik creation? How and why is it crucial to understanding the source code of how you architect and construct your world, your creations into being? How do you wield Creative Will to be both the architect and experiencer, creator and created, of your world to most effectively shape your reality. We delve deep into the mind-bending world of reality construction: the fundamental magik architecture of prime moving your chosen reality into being.

"Only through the eyes of our own creations can we truly know our innate magik"



This fifth module dives right down the rabbit hole into the mind-blowing world of Dimensions and their role in keeping things out of reach from you or bringing them right into reach. What is a dimension really? What is it made of? How do dimensions affect time and space and the world we create into being? What separates the seen and the unseen, normal and paranormal dimensions of reality, and how do we leverage their alkemical power for cohesive magik creation? What do dimensions look like in quantum terms? Why is one cohesive reality crucial for magik purpose and how do we journey through and transform dimensions in order to achieve that? This module will see you collapse all previous notion of what ‘world’ and ‘reality’ means to you and instead begin to create an all-inclusive world and life for yourself where every dimension of reality possible to conceive of, becomes your singular reality.

​"Only when the doorways to dimensions have collapsed, can dimensions open to magik"



The sixth module focuses entirely upon CREATION. What is creation really? What is its magik purpose and where does its source of power originate from? How does creation come into being? In alkemical terms, what hinders its journey into being and what supports it? How can you wield magik to stay aligned to the source of your creations to ensure their integrity and clarity? What are the tools available to the master alkemist that can facilitate instant creation? How is it that while you beleive you create your reality, your reality is creating you in the same moment and why does that matter?  This module will question and challenge you to your core to leave behind all you were ever told about creation, the deep subliminal programs of creation. It will have you unearth your subliminal rules of creation that have prevented you from being totally free to craft amazing possibilities into your life and reconstruct them. 

​"Magik powerfully deconstructs to reconstruct for new creation"



Module 7 focuses entirely upon DIMENSIONAL CREATION. What is Dimensional Creation? Why is a single cohesive dimension so crucial to magik creation? What does that actually look like in real terms and how does it materially affect your life and world? How do you construct a singular cohesive dimension while at the same time birth and experience endless realities and creations? Why is it crucial to your magik that this happens? What is the 4-step magik process that acts as the capstone to facilitate this happening? This month will see you take a quantum leap in creating a life and world for yourself of total cohesion, where every part of your waking and sleeping reality, all parallel possibilities and paranormal abilities become a single cohesive world in which all you truly choose exists for you.

"Only when many become one can one become many"



Module 8 dives into Amplification Force. What exactly is Amplification Force? Why have secret societies and ancient theologies alike known and wielded its power for aeons? How does it hugely amplify the power available to us to create on a much bigger scale? Why have the secrets of its power been kept hidden across the ages and who has used them to pioneer and create prolific genius that forms much of what we take for granted today? This module will see you begin to harness and unleash an ancient magik power of quantum proportion.

"All magik occurs outside your comfort zone, in your genius zone."



Module 9 dives into the phenomenal power of FEAR. What is fear really and why is its inherent power crucial to your magik? What are the underlying parameters of fear that ignite and unleash the rocket fuel of your magik? What is 'brain mind' fear and why does it obstruct your magik? What is 'true living mind' fear and why does embodying it support and power your magik? How and why has the human anatomy been altered and reprogrammed across the ages in order to block the true alkemical power of fear? What happens when we engage fear for magik purpose? How does this create a quantum leap in your paranormal and magik powers? How and by whom has fear been harnessed across the ages for magik purpose and to what effect? This module will see you unveil an ancient foe to be your greatest friend and wield its phenomenal magik power as rocket fuel for your creations.

"Fear is the gateway to magik adept"



Module 10 dives into how to rocket fuel your creations through the power of Alquantum fuel? What is Alquantum Fuel, what are its 3 key components and how do they materially affect your powers of creation? What are the 5 simple steps to engage and wield Alquantum Fuel and how does wielding it supercharge your creations? How does Alquantum Fuel vastly expand your state of being: your state of magik? This module will see you take a quantum leap in magik creation as you unlock your own magik language at the heart of wielding Alquantum fuel to supercharge your creations into being.

"When fuel becomes your magik so shall magik become your fuel"



Module 11 explores the curious phenomenon of CONTINUUM. What is Continuum really? Why has its meaning presented such a paradox across all modalities of understanding and fields of research across the ages? Scientists suggest the continuum is a quanta of interconnected yet discreet data vs a continual field where the extremes are polar opposites. Philosophers suggest the Continuum is a paradox of no-thing delivering every-thing. Theologists proffer 'logos' or the word as the Continuum to all. In each we see a common theme: the search to understand the source of the relationship between union and division within creation itself. Yet what is continuum really in magik terms and how do we master it to no longer search for what we choose but instead, collapse space and time to bring our creations to us?  This module will have you see how easy dimensional travel within the context of Continuum actually is. Any illusions of reality will further shatter and your omnipotence as a Magik Maker will take a quantum leap forward as you re-member not only how to wield but also how to BE the Continuum.

​"When time is no more so shall more be your time. When space is no more so shall more be your space"



Module 12 brings us to Birth. What is birth really? What is its purpose? Is birth possible without simultaneous death? What are the magik components inherent in both that originate from the same single source and unite the fundamentals of life? Why is deconstruction and reconstruction of your anatomical body a crucial factor in birth and how does this serve the quantum leap of your magik? How do you unlock the ‘purity of vision’ for the world and life you truly choose to birth? Are you giving birth to your creations and reality or are they giving birth to you? ​This module will see you cross a prolific threshold to give birth to a whole new paradigm of magik reality. You will materially transform all aspects of yourself into an entirely new state of being from which to create and birth the world and life of your choosing. Magik Maker.

"What you choose to birth will always birth you" new (1)