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The Alkemist is the foundational year-long cutting-edge program that will see you unplug from your matrix, initiate and unleash your innate magik and powerfully direct and wield it to create the life you truly choose. You will journey through uncharted territory in order to ‘deconstruct’ and ‘reconstruct’ every aspect of your world & life into pure synchronistic magik. The program, and academy team, will take you through the structure, implications and practical application of seven principles of alkemy which will serve as the conduit home to your magik. The journey will see you master and employ each of the seven principles consecutively, and then concurrently, in order to fully return your magik to you until you 'see' and 'create' through very different eyes. From this place, having become adept at creating your reality while in turn your reality creates you back, your ‘seeming paranormal’ ability to move and create everything in your life with clarity and accuracy towards your deep purpose will be unparalleled. A term in ancient alchemy known as ‘Prime Mover'.

"Are you ready to unplug from your Matrix and plug back into your Magik?"


  • 12 self-study, fully immersive video and written content modules that take you month by month through The Seven Principles of Alkemy and twelve 'Quantum Keys' of Magik.
  • Monthly Q&A group student 75-minute call with Skarlet, principal of Skolomanche.
  • Monthly group progress 90-minute call with the Skolomanche magik mentors to deepen your experience with each modules learnings and ensure your practical application of the module is working for you.
  • An alkemical procedure to conclude each group progress call that will facilitate a complete restructuring of your mind and body to unleash your magik.
  • Two, 1-hour, private 1-2-1 progress calls with Skarlet or a Skolomanche Magik mentor to use throughout the year-long program at a time of your choosing.
  • Immersive practical homework during which the learnings of each month will be put into full practical application and experience by each student.
  • An online portal for access of all course content, support and guidance material together with videos, audios and practical instructions of how to apply the magik.
  • A dedicated online community where students and mentors can connect, share and support one another during the twelve-month program.
  • Ongoing Deep Dive access to all content and Q&A/progress calls for the Alkemist Program.
  • Skarlets entire written works of magik in ePub form (accessed via the onboarding page)


This mind-blowing journey will immerse you in a system of living Magik that will see you:

  • Identify and unplug from ‘Your Matrix’, that which acts as a threshold guardian to keep you from your magik. Master the magik of story to powerfully create reality into being
  • Unlock your full subatomic, paranormal, ‘True Living Mind’ which is 80 trillion times greater than you have been told to unleash synchronistic magik.
  • Return home to your ‘True Will’, the real you, to unleash and harness its dynamic vital causal power and deep state of being to create what you truly choose into being.
  • Uncover and transform the many dimensions of you and transform them into one cohesive whole so that you no longer experience things being ‘out of your reach’.
  • Unearth the hidden subconscious rules that have veiled your ability to freely create your reality and transform them to serve your world.
  • Supercharge your magik power through unlocking your innate amplification force.
  • Unlock and unleash your own magik language that works on the purest level of communication with the unified field of consciousness to ensure the power of your words are matched by the field and returned to you in what you choose.
  • Fully embrace, and fall in love with, your fear understanding that far from it being ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’, it is in fact one of the most potent rocket fuels to your magik and power to create.
  • Learn how to collapse time and space to no longer have to go searching for what you choose but instead, bring it to find you.
  • Transform the relationship you have with everyone and everything in your life by understanding and embracing that what you choose to create and give birth to, is always choosing you too.
  • Birth the new you, The Magik Maker, and with it the kingdom of your True Will made real as a tangible new world and reality.

Outcomes achieved are entirely and wholly dependent upon each student’s willingness and practical application of the learnings and tools provided plus the crucial participation in all the group calls.


The Alkemist program runs yearly, beginning mid April each year running through to the following March. The year-long program costs £5,555 inclusive. A deposit is required to secure your place and payment plans are available upon request.

The programme fee is a one off fee that allows you to additionally come back each year to deep dive the program with zero additional cost.


The Alkemist, Magician and Contrarian programs, within Skolomanche Academy of Magik, have been created  by Skarlet Lu Realta: principal of Skolomanche Academy of Magik. Skarlet has walked the path of The Magik Maker for many years to unlock the quantum magik behind creation. She brings this experience and her learnings to you now in the form of an unparalleled  journey through the academy programs. While Skarlet leads this immersive experience, holding the live Q&A sessions for students herself, she is accompanied by a team of Magik Mentors, all of whom are powerful practising Magik Makers and will be present to support you throughout this exciting journey of magik. new (1)