What if you were to discover there is no difference between  a trick or a spell, a fact or a fiction,  an illusion or a reality, except within your own mind.

That Magik is already within you. You were born with it and you just have to re-member how to reactivate it to make amazing things happen.


Skolomanche is an online international Academy of Magik leading our students through the worlds of the Alkemist, the Magician and the Contrarian to explore extraordinary magik. This mind-blowing journey will immerse you in a living system of Magik that will see you...


from Your Matrix: that which acts as a threshold guardian to keep you from your magik


and unleash the Magik that already exists within you


that magik to powerfully create the extraordinary life and world you truly choose.

You were born with Magik. Born of the elemental Magik inherent in the world around you. You cannot lose what you already are. That magik is the place within you where science and mysticism meet.

Quantum science demonstrates the ‘spooky action at a distance’ power of the extraordinary capability of your mind to create reality into being: To make magik real.

Did you know that your mind is at least 100 trillion times greater than you have been led to believe? Imagine then what happens when you unleash its full magik capability to create.

This is the journey we take together within

Skolomanche Academy of Magik. NEW